Vedas are considered as ancient Hindu Scripts. Though some people claim that they date back approximately 5,000 years - the reality is that the time of their origin is actually unknown to mankind.


In general we assume that all vedic scripts are in Sanskrit. However they are in Deva Nagari. There are majorly four Vedas: Rig veda, Yajur veda, Sama veda and Adharvana Veda. You can find a lot of general information about the Vedas on Wikipedia and in relation to Ayurveda on - the following paragraphs instead explain the Vedas relation to the Heart Soul Meditation.


Chatur Maha Vaakyas

The Essences of the Major Four Vedas


The Vedas have explained the “Chatur Maha Vaakyas” – the four holy phrases – as the essences of Major four Vedas. They are:

  1. Pragnanam Bramha (Higher wisdom is the God)
  2. Aham Bramhasmi (I am the god)
  3. Tatvamasi (You and me are same) and
  4. Ayamaatma Bramha (I am that I am)

This Heart Soul Meditation can be explained as the essence of the Tatvamasi and the Ayamaatma Bramha states. In this Meditation the practitioner develops the Bramhamaya Kosa, when his Aatmic (Soul) energy spreads in to different levels of existence such as Living, non living, mobile, sedentary forms without any discrimination.


The Trimurthis

Generator, Operator and Destructor


The meaning of “God” can be defined as Generator, Operator and Destructor, the Trimurthis. We can observe this in our body continuously. A body cell for example is created and nourished but will eventually be replaced with newer cells, relating to the three operating principles of Generation, Operation and Destruction, the Trimurthis.


The Heart Soul is related to Development, the Incarnated Soul to Creation and the Navel Soul to Including. These three souls are considered as Trimurthis (Bramha, Vishnu and Maheswara) in the human body.


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The Saint Vasishta

A Story of Oneness


Before the time of Lord Rama, a saint called Vasishta attained Bramharshi state. (Bramhan means oneness).


Vasistha possessed a cow named Kamadhenu that could produce enough food for a whole army of troops instantly. Once a king called as Vishwamitra, who visited Vasistha's hermitage, was very impressed with the cow and tried to take it away from Vasistha by force, but all his powers and weapons could not defeat Vasishta. Then the king asks God why Vasishta is superior to his weapons and powers. God explains that the saint is in Brmarshi state, which means he attained oneness state with Bramha maya kosa.


This kosa protects the practitioner from problems. It develops automatically when we do the Heart Soul Meditation.